Friday, November 15, 2013

LoseIt to MyFitnessPal (weigh-ins only)

Since there is presently no way to migrate data from LoseIt to MyFitnessPal, and I wanted to transfer my year's worth of weigh-ins, I figured out a set of instructions to enter in all the data for me.  This might not be the easiest way; it might not even be a very good way, but it worked for me and maybe it will work for you.


Once the data is migrated, you can uninstall all of these if you wish


  1. Download a csv of your LoseIt data
    1. On the LoseIt website, go to Reports->Weight
    2. Change the filter to Last 5 Years
    3. Click "Export to Spreadsheet" to download a csv
    4. Rename it to Weights.csv
  2.  Convert csv to a Selenium test case
    1. Copy/paste the script below, save it as in the same place as Weights.csv
    2. Run perl from a command prompt
    3. This makes a file myfitnesspalscript.html in the same folder
  3. Use Selenium to add the data
    1. In Firefox: go to the MyFitnessPal website
      1. Go to "My Home" -> "Check In" -> "Edit Previous Entries"
      2. Ensure there's an "Add New Entry" button at the bottom
    2. Selenium
      1. Open Firefox, click the Selenium button in the toolbar (to the right of the home button; it was invisible for me except for the space it took up)
      2. File->Open... and choose the myfitnesspalscript.html
      3. Actions->Play entire test suite
      4. it should play through all the entries and input them into MyFitnessPal.  Don't use Firefox while this is happening.

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