Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walt Disney Concert Hall

As part of our “Things To Do Before Leaving LA” list, Sandy and I went to the Walt Disney Concert hall to see the Vienna Philharmonic.  (I really wanted to go to the Hollywood Bowl, but their season doesn’t start until after we leave.)

Sandy made me get a new suit, so we went to the Men’s Wearhouse.  They had a 2-for-1 sale, so I ended up getting two suits.  Sandy achieved one of her dreams, too- she’s always loved blue shirts with suits, and wanted me to get one.  So we got all dressed up.


The concert program was:

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Zubin Mehta, conductor
Angela Maria Blasi, soprano

Italian Serenade

”Hat dich die Liebe beruhrt” (If Love Hath Entered Thy Heart)
”Selige Nacht” (Blissful Night)
”Zigeuner” (Gypsies)
”Barkarole” (Barcarolle)

Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 in D minor
Feierlich; Sehr ruhig
Scherzo: Bewegt, lebhaft
Adagio: Sehr langsam, feierlich

We had a good time, though I really wanted to go the following night, when they played Wagner/Chopin/Schubert- I didn’t realize they played different pieces on different nights.

The baby, however, really liked the first movement in Bruckner’s Symphony.  Sandy reported she got all energetic and moved about for most of the song.

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