Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lamborghini Dealership


Today Sandy and I got to fulfill one one of my childhood dreams- to sit in a Lamborghini (fortunately, my dream didn’t include driving them).  Since we don’t have much longer in LA, we went to Lamborghini Beverly Hills off Wilshire.  Sandy’s favorite was the neon green; I think I liked the black one best.


Although they may be attractive, they are expensive- $6,122/month for the Murciélago (about $450,000 cash) or $3,410/month for the Gallardo ($263,000 cash).  And they are not fuel efficient- 9mpg city for the Murciélago, and 14mpg city for the Gallardo.  There’s even a “Gas Guzzler Tax” of $5,400 and $2,100, respectively.



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