Thursday, November 27, 2008


I've had the iPhone 3G for about 3 months now, and I'm quite happy with it.

My case:

Some of the features I'm most impressed with:
  • The screen turns off and on when you hold it up to your ear
  • When you browse web pages in Safari, phone numbers are hyperlinked so you can click on them to dial the number
  • The responsiveness with navigation- moving your finger around to scroll feels really nice
  • Apps and the integration with the features of the phone- an app can use the GPS to locate you and reference with the web to show you information about things around you (theaters, restaurants, etc)

My current set of apps:
  • Grocery IQ - a shopping list program; worth $1
  • toodledo - a todo list ($4) that syncs up with online account and home Outlook
  • Wikipanion - a wikipedia browser
  • Google Mobile App - it's cool, but I don't use it so often

  • Shazam - tells you what song is playing. It's so cool, works so well, and I have no idea how it works.
  • midomi - for when Shazam doesn't work (which it hasn't yet), and it can recognize singing a song

  • i.TV - for TV listings (when away from home)
  • Now Playing - for movie listings
  • iFlix - for netflix queue management (I like the interface, but I can't login with my secondary accounts)
  • PhoneFlix - for managing netflix queue

  • Goodrec - a restaurant recommendation program, that I use more to just find restaurants
  • iWant - for finding restaurants, gas stations, movies, etc
  • Urbanspoon - for finding restaurants

  • Google Earth
  • I Can Has Cheezburger - for lolcats
  • Shovel - a app
  • The Weather Channel - a second opinion to the built-in weather app
  • Sol Free Solitaire
  • Carrie's Dots
  • Hangman
  • Hanoi
  • Lightsaber Unleashed
  • MarbleMash
  • Morocco (Othello)
  • PegJump

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