Monday, April 21, 2008

Washington Mutual

Washington Mutual has awesome offers for online savings accounts with high APYs, but I just found out that it takes some maintenance on the part of the account holder. See, the APY is not fixed, so they can change it at any time. And they do. I signed up for a 5% APY a year ago, and at the beginning of the year they dropped it to 0.25%(!). I finally got around to calling to see if they would raise it to the current offer, 3.5%. They said they couldn't, but that I could just apply for another online savings account, and that it wouldn't interfere with my other. But that did the trick! I was even able to transfer the money from the other savings account directly into the new one (though I had to put $1 into the checking account, for some reason).

Hooray for interest income!

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