Thursday, September 13, 2007


What do you know- handbrake now works on Windows. It looks like you need DVD43 for it to work straight from the disc.

I tried it on Alien3 SE, which I had previously had a lot of difficulty keeping the audio in sync, and it worked great. It's very convenient to be able to encode straight from the DVD, with no intermediate files/programs involved.

The resulting file was 950mb for 2:25 (6.5mb/min, 110kb/sec) and looked as good as the DVD (768kb video, 128kb audio, h264). I may just have to re-encode the DVDs I had previously done (at the time, h264 was limited to certain resolution/bitrate restrictions and mpeg4 was advised). Here is a screenshot.

I will have to check it out on a TV show DVD and see how well (if it all) it can encode a DVD's worth of episodes.

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