Monday, June 25, 2007


I came across this page from the Federal Trade Commission which details how you can opt-out of receiving pre-screened or pre-approved offers of credit cards and insurance. You can do it online at

It also has information on other opt-out services, such as the National Do Not Call Registry and the Direct Marketing Association's mail and e-mail opt-out lists.

There is also, a National Wildlife Federation-sponsored site to opt-out of receiving catalogs. For this one, you create an account and register all the catalogs that you receive, and they contact them on your behalf to cancel them. Not as magical as the other ones, but still useful.

In summary, here are the following links and what they opt you out of:

National Do Not Call RegistryUnsolicited sales phone calls
catalogchoice.orgMailed catalogs
www.optoutprescreen.comPre-approved credit card offers
DMA Mailing ListMailed marketing offers
DMA Email List ListEmailed marketing offers

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