Saturday, June 2, 2007

laptop hdd

I recently purchased a new, second hard drive to go into my new laptop. It wasn't until I tried to install it that I discovered that you need a special connector for the SATA and a mounting kit of some sort. I didn't even know what the part is called in order to search for it.

Well, after a while of searching I finally found the answer. I was worried that I would have to order from a no-name internet company with a poorly designed web page that looks like it's what I need. Eventually, though, I found a thread that dealt with what I am looking for, part number (434106-001) and all. Even a link to the HP parts store which I never would have found otherwise. For posterity, the information is:

Hard drive mounting bracket kit for HP Pavillion dv9000t
Part Number: 434106-001

The frustrating part about the whole experience is twofold. One, that I need a $40 part just to mount the hard drive in my computer. Two, that I could not find this information searching through HP's support website. There was no mention of how to install a second hard drive, nor what parts would be needed. Come on, HP- work with me here.

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